Evolution’s Qualified Staff

Our professional trainers and all staff are professional, courteous and most importantly they are there to
provide you with all the support, advice and encouragement that you need to
reach your fitness goals.

Maddi Airey Gym manager, Personal Trainer & Class instructor.

MEET Maddi! Maddi is a personal trainer who specialises in pre and postpartum training alongside group fitness. Her qualifications include Certtificate III in fitness (gym instructor), Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal trainer), multiple pre and post pregnancy & exercise courses. Growing up, Maddi played Hockey and loved sports but was always overweight. After leaving highschool, she decided to make a change and started regular personal training sessions and group classes with a friend of hers. This is where she lost 30kg and found her love for the gym. She decided she wanted to help others live a happier and healthier life so she decided to complete her qualifications and become a personal trainer. Her passion is keeping women healthy throughout their pregnancy and rebuilding their foundations post pregnancy. Growing up in a big family, she loves kids and has lots of experience with them. She runs mums and bubs classes that are child friendly and allow mums to bring their kids with them to the gym. She also runs her own business - Maddfitpt where she does personal training sessions with clients and runs regular 8 week challenges which have been very successful. She is our main group instructor and runs multiple group classes per week which are open to gym members. Check out our timetable for those!

Matt Burke Gym Owner

MEET Matt! The owner of the gym. He's passionate about health and fitness.

Kylie Medcalf Personal trainer & kids class instructor

MEET Kylie! Kylie is the owner of 'Be Life Fit'. She is married and a mum of three young girls in primary school. Prior to being a personal trainer, Kylie worked as a police officer for 15 years. In 2017, she suffered a work related injury (PTSD). Her qualifications include: Battle ropes, Sand bags, resistance bands, level 1 boxing skill and fitness and pre and post pregnancy training. It is her personal opinion that we are all "born" to be of different shapes and sizes, if we weren't the world would be a beige place. Being fit does not mean you need to be a certain weight, shape or mould its being happy with the person you are, being able to participate in the things you love; be it work, sport or recreational activities. For parents with children its running around in the park without losing your breath, for those who play sports it’s being able to put in for 20, 30 or 40mins before needing a break. Its building your endurance and fitness levels to allow you to enjoy LIFE Be Life Fit offers:  2 x Kids Bootcamp Classes per week  2 x Keep Kylie Accountable Bootcamp Classes per week  Individual Personal Training Sessions  Couples/Mates Personal Training Sessions  30 or 45 mins Boxing for Fitness PTs.

Other Businesses using our facility 

J-active Jody Swanbury

ody specialises in strength & conditioning personal training for all her female & male clients. She also offers HIIT classes twice a week for those who love the socialising whilst working out! Finding it hard to stay on track with you food? Jody can teach you the tools you need for a flexible & sustainable approach to nutrition. Training predominantly out of Evolution, she offers home visits to clients who find it hard to make it into the gym. She has collaborated her business with Phil from Highlander Personal Training. For more information, check out www.southernhighlandsfitness.com.au 0414 408 216